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Swing dance

You could see scenes with swing dances in “La La Land”, “Chicago”, “Swing Kids” and many other movies devoted of the era 1920s-1960s. Small fragments and sometimes even whole stories about dances also can be found in the novels of Bradbury, Salinger, King and other classics.

People dance swing on jazz, blues and rock'n'roll music parties. Swing dance receives its' name because of specific swingin' rhythm which is usual for these musical genres. But it continues to evolve, and swing dancers start to dance to rhythm'n'blues, electroswing and other modern music.

Improvisation and sociality are the main benefits of any kind of swing dance. After some lessons, you can dance without memorization specific choreography and create each dancing in a new way. But the most important - you can dance with any person all over the world.

The “swing dancing” includes a number of dance styles. Some of them have already received wide recognition. For example, you’ve heard about Charleston, Lindy hop (partnered jazz dance) or Boogie Woogie (rock'n'roll). However, such dances as Blues, Shag or Balboa are still unknown to many people. All these dance styles are related and differ only in nuances of body positions, movements type or leading-following – all that arising during the historical and cultural development of society.

However, these dance styles are studied separately in regular schools. In our view, it narrows students' horizon or forces them to pay and attend the lessons of several teachers, which often keep saying the same things. We don’t agree with this approach and can proudly say that Swing.School is the first dance school in the world, where each group's students gradually learn all the swing dances.

Lindy hop

Lindy hop is a social partner dance. Jazz, improvisation, freedom, drive, groove, diversity - it's all about Lindy hop. Originated in New York in the late 20’s it keeps thriving and evolving.

Boogie woogie

If your feet start dancing at the first sounds of rock'n'roll, boogie-woogie is a must-try for you! Zestful, free-spirited and easy to master, this dance also has a good deal of depth.

Collegiate shag

Shag is nearly the oldest of swing dances that people is still dancing in the world. It is danced to fast rhythms, keeping ease and accessibility.



Solo jazz

Coupled Charleston

St. Louis Shag

West coast swing