About self-training

The "Self-training sessions" group

Self-training sessions have been held .

The "Self-training sessions" group

How does self-training session work?

All the session participants decide what music they will dance to and then start improving solo dance moves, practicing couple dancing with their partners or dancing in groups or couples with other dancers.

If you want to practice a couple dancing, we recommend you to invite your friends or groupmates. If session participants want to dance solo or in unusual role, everybody should respect their decisions and rejecting your offer to dance in couples.

Some sessions are moderated by our teachers. In this case participants can call for their help and ask them questions, but we'd like to remind that self-training is not a private lesson and teachers can decide what questions to answer this time.

When and where these sessions will be held?

Self-training sessions have been held

Who is teaching in this group?

will be the teacher of this group. If there is any changes among lesson's teachers, it will be seen in it's card in the "" section.