About this group

The "Jazz band" group

Lessons of the level 5 in the group named "Jazz band" have been held at city park named "Sad Baumana" each monday since 19:30 till 22:00 near the Krasnye vorota metro station.

The "Jazz band" group

What is to be taught at the lessons?

This group students will gradually learn every common swing dance style: Lindy hop, boogie woogie, blues, balboa, shag, etc... To learn more about how do we teach click here.

When and where these lessons will be held?

The "Jazz band" group's lessonshave been held each monday since 19:30 till 22:00 at the "Sad Baumana", which is located near "Krasnye vorota" metro station at Staraya Basmannaya str. 15.

Who is teaching in this group?

will be the teacher of this group. If there is any changes among lesson's teachers, it will be seen in it's card in the "" section.