About trial lessons

Free trial lessons

Free dance lessons for everybody who wants to try what the Swing.School education is befor applying for paid-for regular groups.

Free trial lessons

What is to be taught at the lessons?

Usually during the trial lessons two swing dance styles (solo and couple) basics are taught. The combinations of "Lindy hop or boogie woogie + solo jazz", "solo and coupled charleston" or "solo and coupled blues" are the most common, but there can be other variants too.

The teachers will tell to all students about how and where they can continue their education after the lesson, if they wish to learn more and dance all the swing dance styles. Just to remind you, that Swing.School is the first school on earth, where you can learn gradually all of them attending lessons of just a one group.

When and where these lessons will be held?

Our free trial lessons are not attached to weekdays.You can check their schedule and venues in the "" section.

Who is teaching these lessons?

Free dance lessons are done to let the students meet the teachers and learn more about their teaching skills and methods. That's why every lessons may have different teachers including experienced instructors or members of our train-the-trainer groups.